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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I prefer action sequenzes In X2 over last Stand.
Same here, the action in X2 has yet to be topped in this series.

Originally Posted by lastairbender View Post
need something, need something...i'm getting nervous.. we are getting more hype and info about the next x-men that opens next year than wolverine that is getting closer lol even here in the foruns.. (althought next x-men is driving me crazy with these casting news...its nuts!, hope theres nightcrawler and a revitilized emma, sorry i love her comic character)

everyday i go to the directors twitters looking for news, several nuuuutsssss
It is strange that we are hearing more about DOFP than Wolverine at the moment, in fact, A LOT more. I think they need to get the teaser out there asap at this point.

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