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Default Re: DOFP Marketing Thread: What would you like Fox to do/show?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
-Character posters for all of the characters! Blockbuster movies do it allllll the time! Look at Harry Potter, GI Joe, Iron Man 3 for example. Also they have to do a lot of posters and exclusive posters for IMAX 3D.

-Viral sites. This is really cheap to produce and this is to build hype at the internet world. Also create campaigns in Twitter and Facebook.

-SuperBowl Ad next year. If FOX really wants this movie to be huge then they should show an ad or trailer for next year's Superbowl. It doesn't guarantee that the movie will be a success if show an ad during the Super Bowl. But millions of viewers are watching the game/show and this is a great opportunity to build interest and attention to general public.

-Merchandise and tie-in products such a videogame, action figures, toys, 3D glasses, t-shirts, comic-book, novel adaptation, things that people would buy after or before they watch the movie.

-FOX should also get sponsorship like Pepsi, Coke, 7Eleven, Dunkin Donut. They have it before with X2 and X3 and they should do it again.

-The film should open in more than 4,000 theaters. The film would get more money if it open in a lot of theaters.

-Attend Comic-con with the cast and show some footage there to get the fans really excited

-Attach a teaser trailer at the after-credits scene of The Wolverine. Casual viewers who doesn't know this movie will know that this movie will happen if they watch The Wolverine.
We can dream! What a great wishlist. It'll be interesting to see which of these things happens.

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