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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Repulsor Blast View Post
who thinks this movie will be a sleeper hit, kind of like how first class was?
I wouldn't classify XFC as a sleeper hit, it's the second lowest grossing film of the series & second highest budget.

I don't know how The Wolverine is going to perform, even if it turns out great. X3 & XOW really did some damage to the X-brand. How much did XFC "right the ship"?...

Originally Posted by superman61413 View Post
When will they come up with the trailer for The Wolverine????? They said the movie is coming out in 2013. And its in July or somewhere that time. UGHHH screw that!!!!!!
I'd say it won't be much longer, couple of weeks maybe. They really should get on it, I appreciate Mangold wanting it to look as good as possible but it's less than 5 months out now.

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