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Default Re: Commissioner Gordon Casting Thread

Originally Posted by hellblazer103 View Post
never say never

he said he wouldn't play the lead in "lincoln " and look what happened there.

he loved heath's joker, so i'd think he'd have a (possibly ) new found respect for comic movies, particularly ones involving batman.
Maybe in some alternate universe where someone like Chris Nolan was around in the 80's (michael mann maybe?) and someone had a strong one off film based on something like grant morrison's Serious house on serious earth or Alan moore's the killing joke, something where you can play batman with a lot of gravitas yet something with no hint at a sequel. I could see DDL maybe giving it a shot, but then again I've just presented pretty much the best factors for him to do it (a director he's worked with, his youth, the right story and script) and it would still be a long shot, that's how exclusive Daniel Day Lewis comes off as.

That being said...a Michael Mann directed Batman film during the 80's would have been a dream. I doubt it would differ much from The Dark Knight.

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