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To me, it read like a comic book. And not just in terms of campy villains, dialogue and subtle-as-a-brick “skull ships.” It felt like a single episode in a much longer series - and seemed to assume a prior and strong familiarity with the material. As such, Lives places Supes (relatively quickly) into a novel and atypical context (he’s weakened, he dies, he undergoes a resurrection and rejuvenation). In other words, there’s a fair stretch of time where the “classic Superman/CK” is actually absent. Again, that may be a welcome bit of narrative freshness and variation if the audience has been keeping up with (and getting slightly fatigued by) a series of more conventional Superman adventures. But Lives was supposed to be a reintroduction/reboot. Arguably, a “death of Superman” storyline (with, of course, an improved screenplay ) would work better as a 2nd or 3rd movie in a trilogy.
Exactly, I feel if you are going to make the Death of Superman into a film you should have him die at the end of the second film ending it with the funeral. You can the start the third a few months to a year later and have him return. To me this would a whole lot better than cramming the whole story in 2 hours or less the way WB wanted to do it. I still would of loved to have seen this movie even if it turn out to be a bad film.

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