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Default Re: Howard says that not getting to Reprise his Ironman role killed his career!

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
I completely disagree with this. Cheadle just won a best actor Emmy starring as the leading man on House of Lies, his work in Hotel Rwanda blows away anything Howard has ever done. And watch him in Traitor with Guy Pearce. He has more than enough acting chops to carry his own flick imo. He just wasn't given good material in IM2.
Haven't watched his new series, but headlining a TV series is not the first thing people look at when you are talking about headlining a major blockbuster. It's not like House of Lies is one of the most popular TV shows on the air either, and if so, I'm not aware of that. Rwanda was back in 2004. Traitor was forgettable, and another relatively light budget movie. Not enough there. He has the acting chops, just not the gravitas and the physical assets you need. Howard had that back in his Oscar nominated days and got too cocky. I don't blame only him or Marvel. It was a missed opportunity. I thought Cuba Gooding Jr. could have ressurected his career. Could have been another RDJ type success story. With Cheadle, they painted themselves into the corner of "just another supporting guy".

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