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Originally Posted by batman strikes View Post
You bring up a lot of good points. I also agree that the third film would drag if you didn't bring Superman back until 30 minutes into the film. I think the best way to solve this problem is introduce Supergirl or Superboy or even Steel. Of course for a film you would have to choose one or the other so you don't get bogged down with too many characters.

I do like the idea of Doomsday being something Brainiac had collected or created. That's why I was thinking Doomsday could be kind of last resort for Brainiac at the end of the second film. One things for sure if they did do this story arc you would need at least 2 hrs 45 minutes to tell the story well.
Yeah and you also have the problem that when you bring Superman back, he's not back in the public eye right away. So you need something to give us the action beats, if they were to do it over two-films I think Supergirl would probably make the most sense.

Yeah definitely would need to get as close to three hours as possible.

I really do love the trilogy aspect though, I think something this epic would be benefit from the three films rule. I think it could be something wonderful like Lord of the Rings was.

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