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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
This is a problem that extends to the comics as well. Most writers seem to willfully forget that Wolverine has an incredibly extensive martial arts background, but opts instead for him to slash mindlessly around with his claws for some reason.
Yeah. In the comics I can forgive it a bit, since you can't really show fluid action, yet they're just as guilty of it.

In general, I was just never terribly impressed with any of the Wolverine action sequences in any of the X-films. They were okay, but they never reached the level of brutality I expected in a Wolverine fight. The mansion sequence was the best, and actually the first Wolverine/Sabretooth fight in Origins wasn't bad (though still not nearly at the level a Wolverine/Sabretooth fight should be at).

And again, I don't think we need more blood and gore, that can be implied. The Bourne films and the Craig Bond films have done a great job of making a fight seem incredibly brutal and intense without upping the gore. I want Wolverine's fights to be like that. When he's in control, he should be extremely brutal but efficient. When he loses it, it should be violent and chaotic.

I'm hoping this film will be the first to reach the kind of energy a Wolverine fight should have.


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