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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
Hmmm the answer is Batman Begins.

You have a point with Hulk but Ang Lee just didn't get it, that doesn't mean every director with a strong interpretation should be bypassed for some talking head who panders to fanboys. Comic books don't even work that way why should comic book movies? Avengers wasn't good because it had all the fanservice moments, and had an improved captain america was good because Joss Whedon is a fantastic writer who knows how to write great characters and he filled these great characters with a fantastic cast. This is all stuff that no comic book fan could tell him to do, he did that because he had talent and vision.

The day comic book movies have no input whatsoever from actual directors trying to make a great film and instead are held hostage by a group of fans with endless nitpicks over superficial crap is the day that comic book movies as an industry jumps the proverbial shark.

You know what classic superhero film felt 100% the vision of the director rather than some pastiche of ideas and nitpicks from fans? Superman: The Movie and i still think that film should be the blueprint for every comic book film.
Alot of what made Avengers work well was Whedon's slavish loyalty to the source material. These characters have endured for many decades because the comics had the right formula. Yes there's always room for improvement but understanding why the fans love the story and characters doesn't hurt. In fact, it's much wiser to understand the appeal of the comics than start from scratch and try to redesign the wheel with a bunch of Hollywood execs who never liked comics and think they're silly.

and I bet good money that Nolan and Goyer had their own "fanboy checklist" after they watched Batman (89). It shows in Batman Begins which has plenty of Year One and other comic book influences.

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