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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Alot of what made Avengers work well was Whedon's slavish loyalty to the source material. These characters have endured for many decades because the comics had the right formula. Yes there's always room for improvement but understanding why the fans love the story and characters doesn't hurt. In fact, it's much wiser to understand the appeal of the comics than start from scratch and try to redesign the wheel with a bunch of Hollywood execs who never liked comics and think they're silly.

and I bet good money that Nolan and Goyer had their own "fanboy checklist" after they watched Batman (89). It shows in Batman Begins which has plenty of Year One and other comic book influences.
They did, I'm sure they did, but there is a huge difference between respecting the source material and blatantly using it as a crutch. If Batman 89, S:TM and the Nolan films taught us anything it's that directors can be both respectful to comics while bringing their own vision and interpretation of the story and it will prove to be both critically and commercially viable.

That's all i want something new and fresh, not a film version of Hush

1-The Dark Knight/2-The Dark Knight Rises/3-Captain America: The Winter Soldier/4-Batman Begins/5-X-Men: Days of Future Past/6-Guardians of the Galaxy/7-Spider-Man 2/8-The Avengers/9-Superman:TM/10-The Incredibles
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