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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

After he reported that Bale and Nolan will return for JL, it's hard to take anything he says seriously. There's no way that's ever going to happen.
I also smelled a heaping pile of BS about this planet hulk thing from the beginning. I'm not sure if it was El Mayimbe that reported it or someone else at LR, but it makes zero sense for Marvel to integrate the planet hulk storyline this early in the game. The Hulk proved his use as a good guy in the Avengers and the TIH; why would they choose to send him off planet? I get that maybe they'd do something in phase 2 that could potentially lead to that, but even then I think it's to early in the game for a story of that magnitude.
There are plenty of better stories where you could keep the Hulk on earth they could tell in phase 3. I doubt Marvel would want to tell that particular tale so soon.

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