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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
No need to insert someone's vision at all when the director had a great suit and dumbed it down to please the fanboys that hated the first suit or to please the studio
Who complained about Raimi's suit and suggested it should look like a basketball and have yellow lenses and silver slippers before ASM finished production???

Show me the posts.

Nobody asked for those details. Don't blame fanboys for that costume. We had nothing to do with it.

The idea of Batman looking like a modern knight was something I love. That kind of out of the box thinking works for CBMs, but that out of box thinking probably quickly died down after The Avengers and Whedon showing a true and true geekfest of comic book proportions.
Out of the box thinking?

You do realize Batman has been called The Dark Knight for decades, right?

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