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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
No need to insert someone's vision at all when the director had a great suit and dumbed it down to please the fanboys that hated the first suit or to please the studio
Dumbed it down? It's straight from the comics.

I liked the first suit too but the suit from the comics (aka the new one) is better and looks a lot more professional. Nothing against the first suit though. It makes sense too for Peter's first suit to be not exactly the best product and for his next/final product to be an amazing suit.

The idea of Batman looking like a modern knight was something I love. That kind of out of the box thinking works for CBMs, but that out of box thinking probably quickly died down after The Avengers and Whedon showing a true and true geekfest of comic book proportions.
That's completely irrelevant. My point was that the suit from the comics was more realistic and made more sense for Bruce to wear due to its functions and due to visually fitting better with what Bruce was trying to do, which was strike fear into the criminals and the corrupt. The fact that you prefer a modern knight look is an entirely different topic altogether.

And it wasn't thinking outside the box. It was simply being scared of the costume from the comics which was normal prior movies post TDK and Iron Man so I'm not trying to make Nolan & WB bad by saying this since pretty much everyone had that same belief (other than Raimi and Donner, who respectively adapted the Spider-Man and Superman costumes straight from the comics).

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