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Default Re: It's the Pokemon thread - Part 1

Playing White 2 and I have my full team now. Servine, Psyduck, Lucario (evolved at level 19 ), Woobat, Swinub, and Growlithe. Swinub is a really frustrating Pokemon to raise. First, it's really annoying that Ice has no resistance to Water or Grass. Water is resistant to Ice when you would think it would be super-effective since Ice would, you know, freeze water.

That aside, his typing isn't what makes it hard (just annoying), it's his movepool. My lord is it crap early on. Mudslap is special and does a pathetic 20 damage. The next Ground move he learns is Mud Bomb, which is equally weak and a special move. I finally got Dig so I can take advantage of his higher Attack stat. I even "cheated" a bit by breeding Icicle Crash onto him. However, I swore I wouldn't use it until he evolved but I went back on that. I'm fine with him only having Powder Snow early since Ice is a powerful type and not needed early, he'll learn a better Ice move, soon. It just sucks having no decent Ground move or any decent move in general for so long. Cannot wait for him to become a Mamoswine soon.

Ground seems to have this problem in general. Magnitude, Earthquake, and Bulldoze are all powerful later-game moves. But early on, some Ground types have horrendous choices. Phanpy doesn't learn ONE Ground move, not even Mud Slap. You have to evolve it to Donphan who learns Magnitude at 19 (but it evolves at 25, so you have to reteach it that or find it underlevel in the wild) and Earthquake at 46.

Another Ground Pokemon with this problem is Sandshrew. I always associated him with Dig since it was shown in the anime. He couldn't learn it naturally until Black 2 and White 2. He couldn't naturally learn a Ground move until Gen III with Sand Tomb. This remained until B2/W2 when he could also learn Magnitude, Earthquake and the aforementioned Dig naturally.

This is the stuff I see that makes me want Pokemon to get a full blown reboot. I understand Ground is a powerful type and Earthquake is a TM, but how do you explain it taking 7 games for a Pokemon to finally learn a single move of its type in Sandshrew? Or one that still can't learn any in Phanpy? It might as well be Normal.

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