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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Which options are a joke and why.
Ahem...*clears throat*

More impressive fight scenes - that's obviously going to change when a director brings up a Batman that won't be all about brawling as Nolan's was.

More iconic imagery - again, something else that you seem like it won't be different form Nolan so you're only pin-pointing at Nolan's trilogy. Burton/Schumacher obviously went VERY different from what Nolan did and it's silly to bring up nitpicks you have of a series of films when the chance is 0% with the next reboot not having a different Batmobile and feeling more like Gotham City(but I assume you mean the earlier days of what Gotham looked like as it does resemble a modern day city in many different mediums).

No growling Bat-voice - really? You believe the Bat-growl will stick? Lol.

No Lucius Fox - again, a choice by Nolan which I doubt will be used again.

More memorable theme music - very much opinion when Zimmer's theme is as classic as Elfman's.

No love interest - the one thing that actually should be more comic-y and you're having a choice of having no love interest whatsoever, lol.

How do you know the trilogy will be totally different from Nolan (who will likely be the producer) and that it will "make up" for any concerns the fanbase might have?
To even think a reboot will be no different is the most ridiculous thing ever. Why on Earth would Warner Brothers reboot Batman but keep it feeling exactly the same, bat-growl and all?

No, Superman Returns was a prime example of writers, directors, and producers thinking they copy and improve upon the success of Donner's Superman without cracking open a comic book.
Superman Returns could have been a fine film if only they just tinkered a bit with certain ideas in the film and in no way feels like they could copy and improve on something. And as much as I liked the TAS-M suit, I'd advise you to look at the entire TAS-M film on a studio, writers and director on trying to copy and improve on something.

No, I always hated the ASM costume. It broke my heart when I first saw it because it moved away from the comics and was a complete eyesore. Not sure what's blind about wanting a costume closer to Spider-man comics when most people love the new ASM2 costume upgrade.
Could have fooled me. I thought you were one of the many "Webbheads" that liked the first suit.

I think it's fairly opinionated to say "most people" love the new TAS-M 2 suit change, but think what you want. Something fairly different is always nice if you ask me and the one thing I actually supported the first film besides the stellar cast even with how much I dislike the film.

You call it nitpicking. I call it addressing things Bat-fans might want from the reboot that was missing in Nolan's trilogy. I know some people take incredible offense from the idea that Nolan's Batman-world could be lacking in any way but I care more about Batman than preserving Nolan's reputation. Sorry.
Then why not address ANYTHING from the Burton/Schumacher films? I call it nitpicking when I can't figure out anything of the choices that's because of the Burton/Schumacher era, only Nolan's trilogy.

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Who complained about Raimi's suit and suggested it should look like a basketball and have yellow lenses and silver slippers before ASM finished production???

Show me the posts.

Nobody asked for those details. Don't blame fanboys for that costume. We had nothing to do with it.
Lol, did I say anyone complained about the change from Raimi's suit to the first TAS-M suit? No, I did not. I said the director actually had an idea of making something quite new that went up in flames with the new suit now and I blame that on fanboys.

Out of the box thinking?

You do realize Batman has been called The Dark Knight for decades, right?
**** you're dense.

Batman hasn't had a suit that LOOKED like a modern day knight. That's what I said genius.

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Dumbed it down? It's straight from the comics.

I liked the first suit too but the suit from the comics (aka the new one) is better and looks a lot more professional. Nothing against the first suit though. It makes sense too for Peter's first suit to be not exactly the best product and for his next/final product to be an amazing suit.
The idea that you think I meant it was dumbed down because it looks more like the comics is baffling. I meant Webb dumbed down the look of what he was trying to go for with something that I found very interesting, but then he ends up giving a more Raimi-based suit only with bigger eyes.

That's completely irrelevant. My point was that the suit from the comics was more realistic and made more sense for Bruce to wear due to its functions and due to visually fitting better with what Bruce was trying to do, which was strike fear into the criminals and the corrupt. The fact that you prefer a modern knight look is an entirely different topic altogether.
The idea that the suit had a knight look is relevant when it gave Bruce a suit to function correctly and kept that realistic look for Nolan's universe. Something thick and blocky like leather was obviously going to be slow and it was explained. What's irrelevant is that you don't think the TDK could strike fear into criminals when it still did.

And it wasn't thinking outside the box. It was simply being scared of the costume from the comics which was normal prior movies post TDK and Iron Man so I'm not trying to make Nolan & WB bad by saying this since pretty much everyone had that same belief (other than Raimi and Donner, who respectively adapted the Spider-Man and Superman costumes straight from the comics).
The idea was indeed outside the box. Making Batman look like a knight, making this Bat-pod his was a very brilliant idea from Nolan and has nothing to do with being "scared" in using a suit from the comics. Nolan tried that approach in BB....why would Nolan be "scared" when he started the series with the BB suit? Plus, there's also a difference from being "scared" to just trying something different.

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