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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Top 6 Narrative/Artistic Components That I Want to See Corrected

1. No dead villains. Keep them alive and save them for future installments; it would be refreshing to have villains whose arcs develop over the course of multiple films (such as Mr. Freeze.) And it would also be nice to see an Arkham Asylum that becomes slowly populated over the course of the series.
2. Structure the films like the first series of Bond films. In addition to # 1, build up the mythology, one film at a time. But, this also means not using clfifhanger endings, which are cheap.
3. Along with # 1, build up the Batcave.
a Have the Batsuits evolve over the series.
a1) Have them on display.
b. Have trophies from villains on displays.
c. Have all of the vehicles on display.

4. Limit the origin story to less/equal ten minutes. Everyone knows Batman's origin, and there is no need to retell it.

5. Build up characters for spinoff films. I want to see films for Batwoman, Batgirl, and Nightwing.

6. Don't reuse villains/use existing side characters.

a. Don't reuse villains from the Nolan trilogy; sure, the Joker is required, but, there is no need to reuse R'as, Bane, or Scarecrow; use ones who have not been represented in the live action medium before.

b. Use side characters such as Bullock, Leslie Thompkins, and Montoya, if possible. If it is a rights problem - as alleged for Nolan's use of the not-Holly Robinson in TDKR - create characters as he did who represent them, in everything but name.

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