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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
The idea that you think I meant it was dumbed down because it looks more like the comics is baffling. I meant Webb dumbed down the look of what he was trying to go for with something that I found very interesting, but then he ends up giving a more Raimi-based suit only with bigger eyes.
That's what you implied in your post. You said the director dumbed down his suit to please the fanboys. I'm assuming you're talking about the fanboys that didn't like the suit from the first movie.

First, how do you know Webb didn't intend to have the same suit from the beginning? The Raimi suit is the same suit from the comics. Maybe Webb intended to have the same suit from the beginning but wanted to visually establish that it's a reboot by having a different suit and also wanted to show that Peter has to first learn how to make a good suit by screwing up with his first suit. Hence why the new one will be more like the comics and look more professional.

Second, even if Webb had a different suit in mind but Sony or the fanboys put pressure on him and decided to change it to one that looks more like the Raimi suit, where is the problem in that? Like I said, the Raimi suit is straight from the comics and I don't think you would argue that you can make a better suit than the one in the comics. Thus even if what you're suggesting is true, we ended up with a better suit than the suit Webb intended to use. So where is the problem in that?

The idea that the suit had a knight look is relevant when it gave Bruce a suit to function correctly and kept that realistic look for Nolan's universe. Something thick and blocky like leather was obviously going to be slow and it was explained. What's irrelevant is that you don't think the TDK could strike fear into criminals when it still did.
I already talked about this in my last post. The suit from the comics would realistically function better and would also realistically make him look less human and more scary in the shadows, which was his intention.

Batman doesn't wear something thick and blocky like leather in the comics. He wears fabric. And thick leather would make him just as look as thick armor, realistically speaking.

Never said he can't look scary without armor. But a suit more similar to the one in the comics would make him seem more like a shadow/demon of the night and less human. It would have a bigger impact IMO. Something I want to see in the reboot.

The idea was indeed outside the box. Making Batman look like a knight, making this Bat-pod his was a very brilliant idea from Nolan and has nothing to do with being "scared" in using a suit from the comics. Nolan tried that approach in BB....why would Nolan be "scared" when he started the series with the BB suit? Plus, there's also a difference from being "scared" to just trying something different.
I want to clarify something. I didn't mean that Nolan was necessarily scared of doing the suit from the comics but that he was under the belief that it cannot work in live-action and that it wasn't realistic enough which I disagree with.

The BB suit was less armory than the TDK suit but it was still nowhere close to the fabric suit Batman should wear.

As for wanting to try something different, there was nothing different about Nolan did. Batman has been wearing nothing but heavy rubber or heavy armor in live-action for over 70 years except for the Adam West show and the 1940's serials which don't count for obvious reasons. I would like to see someone actually try something different by giving Batman a suit more unique from all the ones we go so far AKA one more like the fabric suit from the comics.

One thing I will compliment Nolan on is for giving Batman a suit where he can move his head and neck. Prior to TDK, we haven't had a suit that could do that other than the Adam West suit. Though it would've never been a problem to begin with if we had a fabric suit like the comics from the beginning.

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