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Default Re: Which villain(s) should the reboot start with?

One villain I feel it might be interesting to see over the course of multiple films is Catwoman. You can have her as a smaller villain in the first film who, over the course of the series, starts to change sides, helping Batman out, until, by the third film, she's basically part of the Bat family. I love the Batman/Catwoman chemistry, so it would be fascinating to see it on screen.

As for other villains, definitely Riddler and Harley Quinn. I feel both can add a presence to the films that was lacking in the Nolan series. For the Riddler, it would be a mind game against Batman. If the character is written as an ego-maniac who manages to successfully craft a gauntlet to crush Batman--a'la Hush--you could create an intense mystery thriller, like the middle part of TDK.

As for Harley Quinn, it would show the effect the criminally insane have on the people of Gotham. In Nolan's film, all we saw was the good effect Batman had on Gotham City, how it drove people to do great things. However, with the exception of Two-Face, we seldom saw the effect the psychotic had on people's moral and sanity. Harley Quinn would represent the full collapse of sanity, and serve as proof that Batman isn't the only one who has an effect on Gotham.

As for other villains, I like the idea of Black Mask vs Penguin, or just the Penguin as a crime lord in Gotham. It would be nice to have a noteworthy, competent villain who is just a normal criminal. Black Mask would be a chance to show a more twisted character, in contrast to Penguin's facade of class.

Freeze and Ivy are also must-haves, just to compensate for Batman and Robin. Not in the same movie, for obvious reasons, but they need to be there.

...but I don't want to see Hush. I feel that there are a lot of classic villains that need a film first, more established characters...I'm not sure if I'd like to see Hush before characters like the Riddler or Freeze...

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