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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Originally Posted by johnrain View Post
Palpatine should not have lost to Mace Windu.
Anakin should have wounded Obi Wan in their duel.
Palpatine staged the whole thing to finally turn Anakin to the dark side.

It's all in the dialogue before the duel.

Anakin was struggling between turning on his Jedi family to save Padme but still waited until Palpatine gave him a moral way out.

Mace beating Palpatine is like saying those droids manhandled Palpatine early on Greivous' ship.

It's all a set-up.

I would change a lot but most I would edit jar jar out plus those kiddie voices of the droids and Greivous has to go.

Boba Fett should be a son not clone.

Lots more but I haven't seen it in a while.

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