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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

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The root cause of this problem, the cause of Wolverine's laziness, and the laziness of the writers to write him that way, is his inflated healing powers. It has gotten to ridiculous levels. Didn't he recover from a drop of blood one time? A drop of f****** blood! Wolverine was at his best in his early days when it took him hours to heal from a bullet wound. Which meant that, while he likely wouldn't have died from a would that could be characterized as fatal to someone else, he wound still have been immobilized long enough for someone else to inflict a would that would actually be fatal to him. Which meant that he would still have to rely on his wits and skills to survive, despite a healing factor.
well in defense of that, his drop of blood spilled onto a "godlike" power source and that infinite power boosted his healing factor infinitely.

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no kid in fifteen years will recall what was going on in the haze of animated card game shows where cat faced japanese children yelled annoyingly and danced around and shot mushrooms out of their mouths.
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