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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Didn't imply any of the sort on a more comics suit being the reason it's "dumbed down".

This is nothing about the comics. I am saying he had to dumb down his vision because the fanboys and/or Sony had him change because of all the flack the first suit received.
How is that dumbing down your own vision? Dumbing down your own vision would be using an idea not as good as the one intended. So as long as there are no problems with the new suit, I don't see how it is dumbed down. Regardless of what the director had in mind, it is all about the quality in the end and the new suit looks like it's possibly going to be the best suit we ever got in live-action.

But, you bring up a point on Webb wanting a more comics accurate suit in the first place...if that was the idea, then what explains the first suit being so different and then all of a sudden all the different intricate pieces on the first suit is gone? Everything is different except for the spider logos on the front and back. Besides that and different eyes, it's Raimi's suit.
The first suit was a rough draft. Assuming Peter finds way better materials and better design, I don't see why he wouldn't change it completely.

Everything except the spider logos on the front, back, the amount of blue near the waist area, and the raised webbing. I do see a bit of the old suit there and it's enough for me. And the suit isn't that similar to the Raimi suit either. Only things they have in common are the raised webbing (which the TASM suit had too) and the honeycomb fabric pattern. Everything else including the coloring is completely different. Raimi's suit is a straight adaptation of the comics suit so it is a bit silly IMO to expect no similarities at all whatsoever between the new suit and the Raimi suit since they're both trying to be really spot on to the suit we all know.

And fabric does not even work well. Go look at Batman: Dead End and fabric would just seem so odd in live-action and I doubt we will ever see that in a Batman film, so that's why leather is really the basis that you see with Batman, as much as it seems that honeycomb fabric is used for Spidey the most.
The Dead End suit? You mean the cheap spandex suit from a low budget fan film made ten years ago?

Picture the Arkham Asylum/City suit on the big screen. That's the type of fabric suit I'm talking about. That's what Batman should wear.

The Dead End costume is not a good example because it is essentially a spandex suit. Batman does not wear spandex in the comics but fabric. He's just often drawn as if he's wearing spandex because it visually looks better in the comics and is easier & faster to draw than fabric.

Here are some low budget fabric suits....

From a low-budget porn parody:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

From the low-budget City of Scars fan film:

Only change I would do to these is to remove the black undies.

A nice photoshop image I found online:

I'll leave this fan-art here too:

If the people behind these images made the suit from the comics look good with little to no money, I don't see why Hollywood can't do it.

Lighting will play a major part too. Batman spends most of his time in the dark and whenever he doesn't, he usually has his cape covering most of his costume.

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