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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

I think the trilogy's finest achievement is its unusual take on The Joker. Although by no means 'my' interpretation, it is the single element which remains compelling and original, and which is likely to be remembered long into the future.

Otherwise, the trilogy has a strangely bland, cautious feel. It rarely seems at ease with itself, treating its characters as hollow concepts and depriving them of much colour or nuance. It is as if everyone except The Joker was on Valium.

I think Batman Begins works well as a bridge between our world, and the fantastical world of the Batman mythos. But maintaining the washed out, bland and dry atmosphere beyond the origin story didn't really work satisfactorily, in my opinion. Compare BTAS reinvention of an unpromising character like Mr Freeze, to TDKR's treatment of Catwoman.

I suppose I want a director who really loves and understands the mythos, and isn't embarrassed by it. It's okay to do something new with it, if you have a great idea- see Ledger's Joker. But please don't reduce it to nothing under the disingenuous objective of 'realism'.

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