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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Or when Thor took down two of those giant ships with one lightning blast? Or when Thor clocked Hulk with that Uppercut? Or Thor toying with Ironman.

Oh, what about in thor 1, when he charged his hammer with lightning and struck the ground, destroying a city sized land scape in Jotenheim? A feat of power that has yet to be duplicated by anyone in the MCU?

Alright guy. alright
"Hulk no need puny hammer. Hulk just needs his mitts."

No, but for real. Thor is forced into the more normal heroic role, and thus his feats are somewhat ignored.

Also, you have the weird Loki smashing moment. That distorts a lot considering how Thor in the same film struggles to do a thing to him. Yes, there are clear explanations, but that isn't what people leave the theater talking about. They just laugh at Loki making the weirdest noise they ever heard and the Hulk caused it. They also pick up on the hype job that guys like Loki and Tony Stark give for Hulk. Thor didn't get nearly the same build up.

Finally, Thor in the films kind of feels like a 2 trick pony. Hit someone with the hammer or lightning. It isn't like they have let him get too creative with it either. Best hammer trick, rock propeller. Best bit of Lightning? Destroying Jotenhiem. Both happened in the same scene and he hasn't done it since.

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