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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Jesus H; they're releasing a trailer with Iron Man 3. There'll undoubtedly be a huge deluge of pictures, then they'll have a big presentation at comic-con, another trailer later, etc. They'll give this movie the same push that they gave Iron Man 3, and Avengers, and the first Thor movie. Because, wait for it, they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on it, just like they did on Iron Man 3, and Avengers, and the first Thor movie.
You just dropped too much logic in here for ThorOdinSon to comprehend. I don't get why anyone would think they would blow their ad money on marketing Thor 2 when it'll be overshadowed by the other Marvel movie dropping in under 2 months. With all the time and events left to promote Thor 2, Marvel is not going to waste those opportunities. If they didn't believe in the movie, they wouldn't have greenlit a sequel.

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