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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Complaining that Nolan chose to show a more plausible depiction of an angry man coming to realize he will become Batman in his 20s, as opposed to making a vow at 8 and never wavering in his entire life questioning that thought, is a nitpick to me. Complaining that he never covered his body with the cape enough also is pretty superficial. Saying we never got "shadowy" Batman when the original complaints of BB was the fight scenes, to create the illusion of a shadowy creature coming from all angles, were too confusing is a nitpick. Especially when Nolan shows fights in the sequels and is criticized by fans for it.

Another way to put it is when Nolan first came on, fans were ecstatic that he so heavily drew from Year One for BB. In TDK, he heavily drew from The Long Halloween and he made The Joker scarier and Harvey Dent a tragic hero, which also got applause. But fans get tired of the same vision and by the third, which also drew heavily from No Man's Land and included a near panel-by-panel recreation of the one great scene in Knightsfall, people were tired of it and began obsessing over mostly cosmetic changes (the Joker wears make-up, Batman has a gravely voice, Catwoman doesn't have a cowl and is only called "The Cat," etc.).

My point is, no matter who makes the next one, he will makes changes. Fanboys who were unhappy with Nolan's pretty comic-influenced vision will still find reasons to complain. It will happen to Whedon too in a few films. They shrug now that he makes Thor break character for a joke or rewrites the Banner/Hulk dynamic. But in two films? They will be furious.

Bruce needing his entire childhood, teenage life and early adulthood just to train to become Batman isn't a nitpick. It's the only adequate explanation why Batman is better than anyone at scientific method, deduction, tracking, escape artistry, counter-surveillance, espionage, psychological profiling, most forms of combat (not just ninjitsu), bomb diffusion, interrogation, projectiles, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, counter-intelligence, the art of war, reconnaissance, piloting various vehicles, criminology, forensics, disguise, etc.

Audiences have no clue the level of mastery Batman has over all these things or why. They don't know what a person would have to sacrifice to achieve Batman's legendary reputation. They don't even know why he deserves a legendary reputation. They know the character is popular, wears a batsuit, and has some James Bond and ninja skills but that's about it.

That is simply cheating the audience of how impressive the character is and how much of an accomplishment it is to become Batman.

I love that the story of Batman implies that if a person trained for a single purpose using the best genetics, mentors, and commitment our world has to offer, they can become such a masterful warrior that they could stand shoulder to shoulder with immortal gods. And the idea that a small child can focus to meticulously mold themselves to that point is incredibly powerful to me.

Why would anyone discard this from the Batman character?

So, it's definitely not a nitpick to me.

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