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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post
I obviously understood his sacarsm, seeing as I said all he had for a response to my post was a "sarcastic JOKE."

Disney is one of the biggest film production companies in the world, so they are more then capable of promoting two films(they normally promote more two films at a time). Besides my point was never about Disney wanting to destroy the Thor movie, it was about the promotion UP UNTIL THIS POINT! Do I think Disney/Marvel, plans to destroy the Thor movie on purpose...urmm No. Do I think Disney/Marvel has pre decided that IM3 is going to be the bigger cash cow, thus putting more energy into it, then after it comes out focus on Thor...YES. But people want to add things to my post, that I never said, so that they can vent about issues that have nothing to do with myself. Yes IM3 comes out next month, so production for the movie is nearly over, but my point was that when IM3 was 7 months away, we had A LOT more advertisement for the film.
Ironically, the greatest argument against this is the very fact that they are attaching the Thor trailer to a movie that millions of people will see... What movie was the first Iron Man 3 trailer attached to? Cloud Atlas. The second? Oz, the Great and Powerful.

Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post
Give people a reason to like giving the role to Robert Downey Jr.
That would be so hilarious.

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