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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post
I've talk too many people about avengers and no one ever mentions any of the stuff you named. Not that it wasnt cool, because it was. But I said rememberable.

Heck I forgot all about the bridge scene, and I'm a Thor fan. So I'm sure if I grabbed a random person who attest to watching Thor, I asked what do you remember the most, very few, if any would answer when he destroyed the bridge. Most walked out talking about Loki. Just like most people came out of avengers talking about Iron Man, or Hulk.
its media dude. If you are a thor fan, why do you care? Its clear how powerful he is, why do you care what others think about him? Ironman is the star. he is. RDJ. Hulk hasn't been on screen in years, and people want to see the big guy "smash"

thor in terms of awesomeness held his own, and in terms of power, and durability, and just...thor-ness..he's still awesome. I think you need to chill. Just about all use thor fans are satisfied with the character

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