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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Bruce needing his entire childhood, teenage life and early adulthood just to train to become Batman isn't a nitpick. It's the only adequate explanation why Batman is better than anyone at scientific method, deduction, tracking, escape artistry, counter-surveillance, espionage, psychological profiling, most forms of combat (not just ninjitsu), bomb diffusion, interrogation, projectiles, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, counter-intelligence, the art of war, reconnaissance, piloting various vehicles, criminology, forensics, disguise, etc.

Audiences have no clue the level of mastery Batman has over all these things or why. They don't know what a person would have to sacrifice to achieve Batman's legendary reputation. They don't even know why he deserves a legendary reputation. They know the character is popular, wears a batsuit, and has some James Bond and ninja skills but that's about it.

That is simply cheating the audience of how impressive the character is and how much of an accomplishment it is to become Batman.

I love that the story of Batman implies that if a person trained for a single purpose using the best genetics, mentors, and commitment our world has to offer, they can become such a masterful warrior that they could stand shoulder to shoulder with immortal gods. And the idea that a small child can focus to meticulously mold themselves to that point is incredibly powerful to me.

Why would anyone discard this from the Batman character?

So, it's definitely not a nitpick to me.
Personally, I think one man mastering all those skills is ridiculous. Not studying, but being the world's greatest at all of the above is akin to a Greek demigod. That is why I actually prefer the Batman of stories like TLH, DV and YO where he makes mistakes. Ironically the same writer of the last one created the "Bat-God" in The Dark Knight Returns.

I actually find a young man lost in anger throwing away his life by 21 to learn a number of unknown skills (he had been lost for 7 years before he met Ra's Al Ghul in BB and clearly had studied martial arts, thievery and other unknown practices) a little more plausible as a human reaction than one who makes a vow at 8 and never grows a little perspective and realizes just how childish that vow could be perceived as. Batman as a culmination of struggle as opposed to the pre-ordained destination of an 8 year old is preferable to me.

Beyond that though, while I do wish more of the Batman's cunning was on display in the films, especially in terms of detective works, I do not want another origin or even flashbacks to one when showing him with a chemistry set at 12 or on a gymnastics vault at 11 adds little to the fact that he is Batman by the story's meat. As I doubt we are going to spend a whole film of him training with Zatanna and touring Asia, it does seem main thrust. Just my opinion.

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