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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
its media dude. If you are a thor fan, why do you care? Its clear how powerful he is, why do you care what others think about him? Ironman is the star. he is. RDJ. Hulk hasn't been on screen in years, and people want to see the big guy "smash"

thor in terms of awesomeness held his own, and in terms of power, and durability, and just...thor-ness..he's still awesome. I think you need to chill. Just about all use thor fans are satisfied with the character
I dont care per say how awesome he is, what I'm talking about is his presence in Avengers, and his own film. It's very important to me as Thor fan, how popular he is to those who may know very little about him. Should be important to Marvel as well. The reason people walked out talking about Hulk, was because Marvel invested a lot of time and energy into making him a character everyone could relate too. They used his insane feats, humor, and even made us connect to Bruce Banner. Up until this point, Thor feels bland, because we cant relate to him. In his on title film, he comes off as a dude "with a mean swing" and thats about all. His relationship with Foster feels fake...probably because it took 3 days for him to fall in love, and change his ways. Which is just not something anyone can identify with, his transition was just to easy. In the Avengers he barely has anything of use to offer to the team, and his lines are bland and vague. His only real conversation was with Loki on the hill cliff.

I'm hoping in the next film, we feel closer to Thor, and the pressures of being a Thunder god. Making his relationship with Jane and the other gods real. Less Loki, and more Thor. Which is why I would like to see more advertisement, more promotion. I google Thor 2 and I still get stuff from months ago. I think this movie will need the push by Marvel to fill seats.

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