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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post

Disney is one of the biggest film production companies in the world, so they are more then capable of promoting two films(they normally promote more two films at a time).
No movie studio promotes two films in the same genre at the same time.

Besides my point was never about Disney wanting to destroy the Thor movie, it was about the promotion UP UNTIL THIS POINT! Do I think Disney/Marvel, plans to destroy the Thor movie on purpose...urmm No
Yeah but your complaints suggest you think they are marketing it wrong. They are the successful super studio and they know how to best market their product.

think Disney/Marvel has pre decided that IM3 is going to be the bigger cash cow, thus putting more energy into it, then after it comes out focus on Thor...YES. But people want to add things to my post, that I never said, so that they can vent about issues that have nothing to do with myself. Yes IM3 comes out next month, so production for the movie is nearly over, but my point was that when IM3 was 7 months away, we had A LOT more advertisement for the film.
Thor was far more popular than Iron-Man back in his early years but those days are gone. Iron-Man is the bigger draw in the comics and in the film but regardless marvel gave Thor a movie and included him in Avengers and are now producing a second film with an even bigger budget! If anything Thor has more fans now than he did before Avengers or Thor 1. Also marvel promoted the hell out of Thor's return in the comics.

Iron-Man wasn't stepping on the toes of any other super hero film by disney 7 months ago like Thor would be doing to him now. If anything Marvel chose Iron-Man over Thor and Captain America to go first in the franchise. Since he goes first in each round of movies and there are no other super hero films coming out in front of him they have more lead in time. Typically summer is the time for big action film releases but I think by Pushing Thor 2 back to November Marvel and Disney are showing that they learned from releasing Thor and Captain America so close together and overlapping the advertisement. Both movies probably would have done better if they weren't competeing against each other.

my own conclusions as to why Marvel handles Thor the way they do, but that was never in discussion. I find it funny that people, who claim to be Thor fans, are actually bashing me because I would like to see more Thor 2 advertisement. I'm excited, and anxious for the movie, and from observing the way Marvel has treated IM3, it's clear to me Thor is not as big as investment. But, if you follow the numbers, it would make since, IM movies make a lot more, and are generally more popular, but I feel the treatment of Thor collides with how popular Thor is. Two movies down, and another on the way, and most people can't even tell you what the name of his hammer is, some even believe without the hammer he has no powers. In fact most people cant name a single person connected to Thor, other then Loki. So in my opinion Marvel should do more to show case a very marketable super hero. Give people a reason to like Thor, the same way they did with Iron Man who spent years as a B listed hero, by giving the role to Robert Downey Jr. Not that Chris is no good for the part, but I think this movie needs heavy endorsement, and it needs to be knock out film. Because their is nothing rememberable about Thor 1, and Thor's best part in Avengers, or I should say rememberable was being sucker punched by Hulk.
For the love of god the word is memorable! Thor had plenty of MEMORABLE moments in both films not the least of which was flying through the Joten Beasts head in the first movie. I've yet to see anything the equal of that in any super hero film yet!

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