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Default Re: One Piece discussion (Spoilers)

This week's was good too, but last weeks was amazing. Just got around to reading it. The new (minus 1) warlords shown was awesome, but Buggy was expected. Momo's face when being hugged was hilarious. Lots of nice reveals.

This weeks kinda confirmed Dofla's "puppet" abilities. Given that his kingdom is guarded by marionette's. The blind guy is interesting though, maybe another one of Railey's friends? I say that given his age and strength, OP is a small world when it comes to the introduction of strong, older ppl. They always seem to tie back to Roger's crew.

Just a thought, but what would you guys think of Smoker joining the SH's? I remember hearing Oda didn't want to give the SH's a flyer (outside of temporary flying like Sanji's), and Momo's comments on not wanting to fly ever again, and him being a dragon, made me think he might join the crew. Then I started to think about Smoker. He's got his ass handed to him in all three of his big fights since the time skip. HIs opponents were tough, so I'm not bashing him. However that would make it believable that he could be on tier with Zoro, so he wouldn't be overpowered in joining. He's team up with the crew twice now, and seems to notice the hypocrisy of the marines. He could bring his vice with him, which would make things akward for Zoro, while adding hilarity with Sanji hitting on her, and Zoro telling him to stop. Anyway, just a thought, but the time skip made it a bit more realistic that he could.

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