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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

I think a big part of the the Tumbler that needs to remain is the 'functionality'. Not dissimilar to the difference between the Burton/Shummacher era Batsuits versus that of TDK/TDKR. The Batmobiles of that era looked sleek and cook... But looked slow and couldn't maneuver worth a damn. The Tumbler looked tough as hell... And could speed around, turn corners well, spin around, crash through walls and ****ing jump on rooftops. I like some of the designs above, but I think keeping an altered version of the Tumblers wheel axis is in order to make it look more maneuverable. For instance, looking at the Capullo version... It looks great. It looks like it can really move. But something about the wheels... It doesn't look like it could handle the shock of a big jump.

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