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I finally, finally got a chance to play this. I was very eager to play it since its release, and it certainly didn't disappoint me. I actually got it a couple of days before I got Tomb Raider, and I ended up putting that in hold just so I could finish this one up. I mentioned this in the LA Noire thread, but this was the exact type of game I would have wanted Rockstar to do, if they ever waned to do another cop game.

And just going back to the talk about a sequel, as much as I loved the unique setting in this one, I wouldn't mind seeing Wei Shen come back to a place like San Francisco. They alluded to his past there, and it seemed like he wasn't willing to go back to the USA, but I think they could capture a similar tone there and mix the Chinatown environment with the American culture. If not, I really like the sounds of a London based game, although I don't think they should bring Wei back for that and I worry what it could mean or the gameplay/combat since it was very influenced by Martial Arts.

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