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Default Re: The Official TDKR Fanart & Manips Thread XI

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Will post my bits and pieces here. I don't have a scanner, so forgive the crappy camera phone quality. I'm also posting one for The Dark Knight in here just to consolidate.

Put a LOT of thought into this sum'******. Wanted to make it look like a crime drama, basically based after the Oscar posters to give some weight. Wanted each panel to represent a big moment for each character. Felt Batman and Joker up top and bottom (and Joker upside down) made a nice yin and yang affect without just going directly for that, plus the purple of the Sonar machine and Joker's coat would bookend the image (if coloured, obviously). Gordon's panel was a pain in the ass. I wish the image quality were better, because there's so much detail being lost here... and frankly, I killed it on getting Oldman's likeness. And if you can't tell, there are a couple of burning bills falling next to Joker. I'm not happy with Rachel's likeness. Looks more like Liv Tyler than Maggie Gyllenhaal. Which is weird, because Liv Tyler kind of *****s me.

If I get around to it, I may do a few of these sort of imaginary tie in covers for one shots I'd like DC to actually do (similar to what IDW is doing for Abrams Trek...though we're a little late :P). One would be for Catwoman, one would be set between Begins and TDK for Bats and Gordon's war on the mob, and the next would be Blake taking over as Batman. And this one of course. I was going to call this one "Hardened by Pain" to avoid the word 'dark'... but then I accidentally made a sex joke in my head and changed it. :P

These two - particularly the TDK one - were so hard. I don't consider myself an artist, I just like to have a go and see what happens. I forced myself to be as original as I could, to try and tell a story with the image as opposed to just 'stand there looking badass' kind of thing, and to do detailed backgrounds that I usually avoid.
I love these so much. Are you gonna and ink and color them?


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