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Originally Posted by ModusPonens View Post
I watched Inception first in Imax, and that was probably the most fun I've ever had in a movie theater. But will all the Imax showings of MoS be in 3D? If that's the case, I'm still faced with quite a dilemma: should I watch it first in Imax+3D, or non-Imax+non-3D? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...
I’ve only seen two 3D movies - Avatar and Hobbit. Maybe it was the theaters/projection, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied by the brightness levels. I rationalized, however, that - in watching the films in their native formats - I was respecting the directors’ artistic intention. But since MOS was shot in 2D I’m tempted to give the specialty screenings a pass (and enjoy a nice bright print!).

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