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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
If that's the case he why did he say in another interview that there will be "road signs and lane changes" in Iron Man 3 leading to Avengers 2 and that they may not be noticed right away but they are there. That sounds like connections to me
But does that mean that "road signs and lane changes" in IM3 will inform CATWS, or TDW? At this point, even our cherished theory about the GOTG connection via an "Iron Man In Space" post-credit scene may have just vanished in smoke with Feige's latest comments.

These movies are intended to be viewed as entirely different stories, not as chapters in one great big novel. Everyone involved with the studios has said this from day one, and understands this. Because it's a simple fact that you can't go into any given movie expecting that everyone in the audience has seen all, or *any,* of the other movies. Even Avengers 1 works just fine as a standalone movie to any viewer who didn't watch any of the previous movies.


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