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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

I think it's just a matter of planting seeds in each film which, when you look back, will show a distinct connection that was setting up a later plotline, and not that each is a chapter in a bigger piece. It's the way they do it in TV series all the time. You get a seemingly random event that appears to have no bearing and doesn't affect that particular episode at all, but later on you see that it's actually the set up for something much later.

They did that in Castle recently. There was a comment Nathan Fillion made to his onscreen daughter Alexis a couple of months back about not liking the idea of her doing this online video blogging because you could get all kinds of crazy stalkers and criminals watching these things. At the time it just seemed like a natural concern of a parent and nothing could have come of it, because Rick Castle says these kinds of things all the time.

However, a couple of weeks ago there was that big two-part story about Alexis being kidnapped, and the way they got to her was precisely through that video blog. So the comment back then didn't have any affect on the earlier episode, but when you look back now you know it was probably set up for this big two part episode which was in the works all along.

That's how I think it will work with the Avengers films.

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