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Originally Posted by robmx522 View Post
i think its smart you don't wanna wear people out with superman ...people still remember superman returns ...most of the people i tell about this movie still think its the same ole sucky superman ...if they start pushing superman on people early it may push them away
Thatís the thing. Folks seemed to be impressed with the arty/serious/Nolan-esque tone of the teaser and trailer. Now this shouldnít be the only approach or strategy, but it was a good ďfirst impressionĒ - it piqued a lot of curiosity. However, it probably wasnít the right tone for a boisterous Super Bowl crowd. And instead of wowing 100M people, you might have turned off 100M people (especially given the last movie and the more jokey/action-y IM3 ad appearing on the same show). But then, why not make a more action-oriented MOS ad? Well, it was early February for a movie coming out it mid June. Show your best stuff too soon and youíve got fewer toys and surprises to reveal later on. So itís a question of timing and carefully nurturing a slow burn to full-blown marketing blitz. Now if we donít get the beginnings of that blitz by mid-to-late April, Iíll be the first to complain. But Iím not worried yet.

My sister (who is a big Oz fan) had heard they were making a new movie. And the recent TV ads told her the film was being released this weekend. She plans to go. Thereís your successful marketing campaign.

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