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Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
Origins still made a significant profit... especially considering the leaked blue-print and the fact that it was already treading water covering the origin story again.

As for Man of Steel... I'm now slightly worried that WB are approaching this like they did with The Dark Knight Rises. Fair enough to do that with Batman, but they NEED to be more upfront with Superman. This movies success is still very much 50/50...

What the harm in releasing some stills and character posters?

They need to start emphasising the ACTION in the promotional trailers. No more of Superman looking regal and thoughtful.
Thanks, I was gonna say that about Wolverine

I think if they really kick start from April and shove this out there that'l be enough, I mean most people don't even know a films coming out until a week before anyway. I think they are really gonna push this in terms of merchandise when its out.

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