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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
The designs used for the Transformers movies are gaudy. Extremely gaudy. They're overly designed while the original designs and the art from Dreamwave and IDW are great templete to use. In fact, it felt like Bay was trying to reinvent the wheel and put his stamp on the franchise. But the problem to me is that I never get the sense that he truly respects it, hence the designs choices. I mean, Optimus Prime is an extremely well designed character from the get-go, and while the film version stays kinda true, it's NOT an improvement

The film version of Starscream is an example of a character who looked worse than his cartoon/comic/toy version. Totally generic looking.
Thats because Bay was never a fan of the TF, nor did he respect the franchise. I remember him saying in an interview that he was'nt into Transformers backin the day , he was too busy going out with girls, and when he finally watched the cartoon, he said it was stupid .

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