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Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
That's because the general public's previous memory of Iron Man was him kicking ass in the Avengers, not boxing around dead drunk. Iron man will get a boost from the Avengers, that much is sure. I'm more interested in how much more the Thor and Cap sequels will do in light of their post Avengers popularity.
Makes me wonder why people think it's such a bad idea that wb go forward with jla before solo's.

The collab film may suffer a bit but then you wouldn't get another cap or thor part one...or perhaps it needs to be that way otherwise avengers is nothing...So much money at stake, so little time...

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
I think WB would be quite pleased if Man of Steel earned IM2 numbers.

"A man named Hal Jordan was recruited 45 years ago into the Lantern core, flight testing in the midst of the Viet war. He hasn't returned to the relatively measured as primitive earth since. Upon his return from what could be considered hell, the weathered soldier and man out of time has short trimmed grey hair, scars, and a warning of a looming threat that motivated his return to his home planet. He's also surprised and weary to see a Kryptonian on Earth"
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