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Default What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Lets start with begins. Forgetting the fact that scarecrow is a better villain than in begins with tons and tons of way more potential, how does he end? Being tasered and screaming away like a little wimp. Smh.

Ras Al ghul. I have a problem with Batman not saving him. Batman just letting someone die is not how Batman does it. So how that ended is sort of problem for me not huge but a problem.

Joker. The dark knight ending to joker is darn good but that is the last we see or hear from him again so that being his official ending is weak overall. I always said it was a mistake not to continue with the joker for a third movie joker being recast because I thought it would make for a better story.

Two-face. My only problem with this is I wanted two face to remain alive because he's one of my favorite villains and one who could easily be in all 3 movies of a trilogy. He's that fascinating and we never really got to see him spread his wings as a villain.

Bane blasted by catwoman was so uninspiring. I mean I wanted batman to end bane somehow. Like batman and bane fighting near a ledge in an epic battle and bane somehow someway falls off.

Talia is a much more interesting character than this movie made her out. Why make a reveal only to have her be killed 5 minutes later. What a waste.

I'm hoping Nolan and his team don't make the same mistakes for man of steel and crank it up a notch for how the villains are ended.

Agree or disagree?

1. Dark Knight 2. Batman Begins 3. Man of Steel 4. Blade 5. Hellboy
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