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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

The worst ending is Scarecrow in Batman Begins BY FAR. For anyone to argue this is only kidding themselves. He gets tasered by the ****ing love interest...and who plays the love interest? KATIE FREAKING HOLMES. It's just terrible, and even moreso when Scarecrow was actually a worthwhile villain in BB which then he was downgraded as only a very quick threat and then finally just as a cameo. It's not so much as the way Scarecrow is downsized with the progression of the trilogy, but that the film that he has the most potential in and he's beaten by a taser until we see him again in The Dark Knight.

The best ending? Two-Face. Batman gets shot and still tackles Dent over the edge AND saves Jim's son, leaving Dent's quarter to land on the good side which foreshadows Jim's kid being saved but also that Batman and Gordon now agreed to lie and make Harvey Dent still be this "White Knight". Even to boot, the way Bane rips the picture of Dent in The Dark Knight Rises after revealing the lie ended the Two-Face plot in a way as well(but the last part is really just speculation from me, lol).

Joker being saved was a great ending as well as the entire film was about Joker wanting Batman to kill and even while Joker falls off the building, he is still saved by The Batman.

Ra's and Talia al Ghul's death were very comparable and while some insist on continuing to make fun of Talia's actual death scene, the way they can be compared is fine by me with how they both were "driven" to their deaths, either by a purpose of thinking something is right or by a purpose of pure revenge. favorite Batman villain of all time and second favorite villain in Nolan's trilogy, and what a great ride he gave us in TDKR, but...I can definitely see how people hated the quick way he died. I have zero problem with it because he had a "speech", but via Talia while she was fixing his mask and his death was deserving when he was about to blow off Batman's head with a shotgun, but, still...I won't lie and say I don't understand the "hate".

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