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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by carrrnuttt View Post

You're as deluded as some of your arguments.

A) Having been in the military, I would find a way to to equip my family *as much as I can* if my fights got onto US soil.

Where the flying crapstick did I mention the military or the gov't handing out equipment to civilians? Show me THAT instance. Although I flipping guaran-damn-tee you that I'd yank the [government-issued] flak vest off my body to hand to my wife if it came to that.

I'll highlight the relevant bit you missed:

...meaning that the serving family member will do whatever is in HIS power to equip his family. Considering the discussion was about the fictional character of Tony Stark, tell me where he ISN'T capable of doing at least this--and then some--for Pepper. Which leads me to:

B) LOL [again] at your "win."

The argument wasn't about whether she should be Rescue or not. At least not from me. It was about the logic of placing her in armor at some point to protect her from the dangers that follow Tony around, and how you used LEOs and servicemembers as weak point in your inane argument.

You and others like you had all these fallacious arguments like: "she's not a weak woman," "look at servicemembers and LEOs," etc., etc. And yet, the logic you were arguing against won through in the movie. I was also here to tell you as being BOTH a former servicemember AND LEO that you are flat-out WRONG in how we'd strive to protect our families when the fight gets to OUR DOOR, which is WHAT HAPPENED TO TONY IN THE MOVIE.

So again, what were you so smug about?
Since you missed it:
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