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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yeah, actually, after I posted it, I realized that might be *exactly* the way they'll explain Coulson, as well as the reason this show will never (and *can* never) cross paths with the Avenger movies. Might even be part of Coulson's emotional arc, that it pains him to be forever separated from his true heroes.

And Coulson need not be an actual "guilty party." Everything we saw of him and his "death" in the Avengers could be taken at face value; it's just that instead of being taken away for a funeral (which, btw, was never shown or even implied), he's taken to a secret medical facility at Fury's orders, and when he finally recovers from his wounds, Fury tells him about the charade he created that they both have to maintain now.
Thats a good point. I was going to go with the old LMD thing. But your explanation makes that unnecessary. Nice!

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