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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
The one I would strongly disagree on is Joker's. I loved his "ending". The whole speech about how he and Batman are destined to battle forever, and then revealing what he did to Dent. Laughing gleefully at Batman after revealing what he's done to Dent. Beautiful. I love how he's swinging back and forth on the bat rope while he's doing it.

Dent's was such an emotionally charged ending that I had no problem with it. Batman and Gordon talking over Dent's dead body, and making the decision to cover up his crimes so he can stay the hero to Gotham.

Scarecrow being tazed by Rachel was pathetic.

I'd no problem with Ra's death. I loved how he calmly closes his eyes before the train crashes. Talia's was laughable because of Cottiard's comical acting.

Bane's is by far the worst though. Blown away nonchalantly by Catwoman, and never seen or mentioned again after that like he was nothing.
So many times I enter TDKR threads ready to type up a long, detailed response only to find you've basically said everything I wanted to.


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