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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I'm sure thats true to an extent, I still think there are alot more cases were people would choose Spidey 1 over it if Spidey 2 wasn't an option. TBH that board is about the only place I really hear a positive attitude for ASM on the net or just in general. I have seen quite a bit more praise for the first two Raimi films over ASM. With Spidey 3 getting the most hate of them all. Not saying that speaks for everyone in anyway, just what I have personally seen.
Funny how that works, because everyone I've either talked in real life to or saw TASM with preferred that one over SM1. We all have different experiences, making it impossible to gauge what "the majority" thinks from personal experience, but the impartial audiences polled by CinemaScore gave TASM an "A-" and an "A" from the younger crowd, so I don't think it's looked at nearly as unfavorably by general audiences as you seem to think.

I'm not out to bash Raimi's movies. I never cared for his casting or take on the characters in general, but he and Singer pretty much ushered in the modern CBM era we're living in today, and I respect his craftsmanship a great deal. I just don't see the need to make a definitive statement that one incarnation is superior when both are generally well-liked by critics and audiences and financially successful, and one of them is only just getting started. You prefer Raimi's version. A lot of people do. That's great. I prefer Webb's. A lot of other people prefer that version as well. That means they both did something right. Which is awesome. IMO, we should be thankful that we have two well-made incarnations of this character that appeal to people of different tastes. It just speaks to Spidey's versatile appeal as a character.


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