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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

I agree Flickchick. Not trying to change any opinons here. What I hear and read from friends and the net in no way reflects fact. It's just what Im around. So alot of my opinion on how these films played to an audience comes from that.Did not know about that cinema score. Im sure theres a solid chance my perception is off, and I'm glad that both films have been a hit regardless of my opinons. I want a future with tons of Spidey films.

Personally I have gave the film enough chances on my own, paid for it twice in theatres and picked up the blu ray. From the script to editing I just felt the film had some legit problems. More so then the first two Raimi pictures as a whole, style and creative choices aside. While I love 1 and 2, I never gave 3 any passes so I treat this film the same. Ultimately there really wasnt much for me to like. Really wanted to dig ASM, and hope the sequel plays stronger for me. I think Webb is alot more capable of telling a stronger narrative, and the cast is just as solid if not better then the first tril. I also believe much like studio issues prevented Spider-Man 3 from being stronger this happened with ASM as well. Not 100% sure Webb was able to make the film he wanted since the film was developed before he was on.

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