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Default Re: How can they top the Hulk/Loki "fight" in Avengers 2?

What made the Hulk v. Loki scene memorable, and special, is the fact that it completely undermined the expectations of the audience. It was kind of like a slight of hand.

It's the same thing that happens in Raider's of the Lost Ark when Indy shoots the swordsman after the flashy display.

So you need another incident that will undermine the expectations of the audience without leaving them feeling cheated.

A quick idea off the top of my head:

- To show how powerful Thanos is, physically, have the Hulk bull-rush him and throw his fist directly into his chest. However, at the last moment Thanos catches the Hulk's fist without so much as wincing. There's an awkward moment where the Hulk just looks up at Thanos with a look on his face, not unlike a confused child, before Thanos tosses the Hulk aside.

Not my best idea, but it's early and I need more coffee. It would certainly get both the chuckle and it would serve to show the power of Thanos.

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