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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

Originally Posted by ThorOdinSon View Post
AGAIN. My point was not just about the trailer, that was my first line in the quote, you quoted. I came out and said Thor should have a trailer, and people started saying how crazy I was for expecting a trailer, when IM3 had a trailer, CGI pictures, I remember reading about stuff in magazines, concept art, everything you would expect of a huge block buster film. So comment was, and has been, if you compare the two movies, it is evident that IM3 is more important to marvel as far as advertisement and marketing is concern.

If Thor gets a trailer, that will be our fist look at anything about this movie. I'm sure their going to flood the market with Thor stuff up until the movie comes, especially after the release of Iron Man, but my whole point was that I think Thor really needs the hype up, more then Iron Man because everyone is already expected to see that. No one, other then fan, will be rushing to see Thor, but that can change if you hype of the movie.

Thor does have awesome moments on film, but he doesn't have rememberable moments, because his character in the films hasn't been that rememberable. Their is nothing to really fall in love with. He is a good looking guy, with a mean swing with his hammer. That sums him up thus far in movies. I'm hoping this movie makes us truly see why Thor is a hero, and why we should care.
Seems like you haven't taken in anything that's been said on here. You're a one-trick pony in here with all your complaining about the marketing of Thor. Marvel will get to marketing it when it's closer to release date. The main reason you saw so much stuff with IM3 early is that they were basically filming in the general public while Thor, for the most part, was filmed on a closed studio and private properties. Plus, since IM3 was releasing first, you also saw more promo stuff since they had several big toy and merchandising expos they had to market the movie at initially. With Thor 2 out in November, there are still plenty of opportunities for it to be promoted. You just have to not get so impatient.

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